Our favorite playground parts for DIY projects

If you read our big guide to do-it-yourself playset plans, you probably have some ideas cooking about your own backyard project. Whether you’re building a huge, multi-level fort, a treehouse, or just a simple rope and tire swing, we thought it might be helpful to provide a resource for some of our favorite parts you can use on these types of projects. With Spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to start planning your project.

Forts & Playsets – Building a fort or playset can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Most pre-assembled forts cost at least $1,000 but if you are on a budget, there are some more affordable options for the DIYer.

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Swings seats – Swings represent the most basic, yet fun piece on the playground and we have suitable ones for all ages. Depending on your needs, building a swing can be a fairly straightforward task. Whether you’re trying to build a two-bay swingset, or just hang a tire from a sturdy tree branch in your backyard, we have the supplies you’ll need to build a safe and durable swingset.

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Climbing – Over the past few years, rock climbing has gained a huge amount of traction. It’s a fun activity that builds strength and coordination. Climbers come in a variety of styles, from the rock climbing grips to ropes and metal obstacles.

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Swing hangers – Don’t skimp on the mounting hardware for your swingset. The last thing you want is your child to get hurt when the $2 eye bolt you bought breaks free as they’re on the swing. These swing hangers are durable and designed to swivel and hold weight.

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Tire swivels – You could hang a rope over a branch, but it will get twisted and doesn’t allow the free range of motion that a swivel does. We recommend using a tire swivel to secure a tire swing to a sturdy mounting place – a tree branch or post for example. The swivel allows the tire swing to easily move 360 degrees and is reinforced to last.

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Mounting and chains – Make sure to use a heavy duty chain and mounting system if you’re thinking of building your own swing set.

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Ziplines – In CA, where I live, it seems like every kid has a zipline in their backyard. Assuming you have the space for it, or some woods nearby where you can do a covert install, a zipline adds excitement to the otherwise grounded play that happens on the playground. They don’t cost a whole lot, and provide a huge thrill.

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Slacklines – If you live near any busy park or college campus, chances are you have seen a group of people casually hanging out near what looks like a tightrope. A slackline is similar to a tightrope, but the flat surface makes it easier to walk on. They come in different widths and some are springy while others are more taught depending on what you’re looking for. We have a full lineup from Gibbons, the leading manufacturer of slacklines.

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Accessories to inspire imagination – Once you have a playset assembled, you might consider adding a few accessories to make it an even more adventuresome place for the kids to play. You could place a telescope on the railing or binoculars along with a ship steering wheel so they can pretend to be a captain at the helm of a ship.

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